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I'm Hazel, and in Nov 2006 my friend Jane and I took on a half plot at Hill Allotments, Sutton Coldfield - we want the satisfaction of growing and eating our own fruit and veg, and to improve our diet (and fitness!).

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Potato planting...

We’ve had some REALLY stormy weather the last few days – not wet, but very windy indeed, & I do hope that I'll find the toolshed still where it's supposed to be on Saturday!

Not that the weather stopped me at the weekend – I had potatoes to plant! The year whizzes onward – I notice that last year I had the first early potatoes planted in February, although I think we were lucky not to have the crop damaged by frost.

The first job at the Hill was to plant out a couple of rows of pea seedlings. They do look a bit sparse, so I may direct sow a few in amongst each row to beef them up a bit. The broad beans are looking good – the crimson flowered particularly so.

Jane & E joined me just as I was finishing & E made a sterling job of weeding the ‘flower border’ at the front of the plot – the tulips are all looking good as well as the slightly scruffy dianthus which seem to have made it through the winter.

We measured out the potato beds (plot C) with canes with differing row spacings depending on the potato type, then we planted the first earlies – a dozen each (to make 3 rows) of Orla & Lady Cristl.

Reg-next-plot was planting out his shallots (that’s a job for next weekend, then!) & it was good to see David-other-half for the first time this year. I didn’t realise till he left, that the big pile of leeks that he’d dug up were destined for the compost heap – & I’m afraid that I had to liberate a few for my tea!

I also dug up the last of the KOHL RABI & the TURNIPS (snowball) so that leaves the front of the plot ready for bean wigwams. I seem to have quite a few climbing peas & beans which will need accommodating somehow – I'm thinking that maybe the planned four wigwams won’t be adequate.

Of course I couldn’t let Jane go without some PARSNIPS (gladiator) – these are certainly more manageable than the monstrous white gem – which is a pity, as I’ve sown the white gem again this year…

Back home I sowed the TOMATO seeds – a couple of seeds each of 8 varieties. We had more plants last year – but I think that had the blight not struck, we would have been overwhelmed. Mind you, I’m not quite sure that 8 plants are enough, so I may sow a few more next weekend.

I’m delighted that the PEPPER (purple jalapeno) & PEPPER (Jalapeno) have both come up, at long last – it’s taken just a month for them to come up! The PARSNIP (white gem) in loo roll inners are now up too as well as the ever reliable PEA (kelevedon wonder) & the LEEK (mrs d).

Lots of planting out to do next weekend – the next lot of potatoes can go in, along with shallots, spring onions & more peas. Busy, busy!

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