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I'm Hazel, and in Nov 2006 my friend Jane and I took on a half plot at Hill Allotments, Sutton Coldfield - we want the satisfaction of growing and eating our own fruit and veg, and to improve our diet (and fitness!).

This is the story of what happened next...........

Sunday, June 17, 2007

You just don't know, do you.....?

And so the rain came…an awful lot of it! It’s been warm & wet all week – on Thursday we had 3” rainfall! No moaning about watering for a while then from me!

It was just about dry on Saturday morning, so I went off to the Hill knowing that the weeds would be in full force! I decided on a slightly different tack from last week, though – instead of spending 3 hours doing ALL the weeding, leaving the ‘nice’ bits till the end when I’m whacked & just want to go home, I thought I’d ‘finish’ with each plot as I went.

I was just getting stuck into plot D (potatoes) with some preparation for sowing leeks, when Barry came up & told me the dreadful news that neat neighbour John had passed away suddenly in the week. What a shock for his wife & son – I didn’t know him well, just a few ‘veggie’ conversations, but he wasn’t very old, & we will miss him at the Hill.

So I turned thoughtfully back to the leeks, & put a string line in & measuring board to set out them out neatly – seemed right, somehow.

The spare leek seedlings I offered to Barry & he let me have a heap of spinach & three globe artichoke heads in return.

The roots in plot C didn’t need too much attention after their ‘proper’ weeding last week, so a quick whiz over with the hoe & I sowed a row of CARROT (mixed). Without liking to speak too soon, the onions are perking up & although by no means perfect, they don’t look as disastrously deformed as they did a couple of weeks ago – perhaps there is hope yet!

On to the miscellaneous plot B & I hoed between the rows & thinned out some lettuce & radish (picked some to take home too), but it is still looking a bit crowded with seedlings & weeds in each row. Lesson to be learnt on thin seed sowing, here!

The weeds have gone bananas around the garlic, including nettles, so I spent some time improving matters there – sowing the marigold & nasturtium seed between the rows has not been a great move – now I can’t get the hoe in between properly. The smaller garlic have started to keel over, so I thought I’d better lift them. The bulbs are small, but have divided, & the bigger plants will have bigger bulbs, I’m sure. I now have 19 of them drying on the bench at home for plaiting & storing.

The Prize Pumpkin is looking good, & the Tallest Sunflower is racing up – over 2’ high now, I would think. The beans in plot A both on the run of poles & the wigwam look fine – again I did some weeding, but for both plot A & B I can only say that they look better than they did. One of the sweetcorn has not made the grade but the others clearly like being in the ground & have settled in well.

I picked loads of BROAD BEANS (aguadulce) which I have blanched & frozen, a couple of TURNIP (snowball) & some PEAS (kelvedon wonder) which did not get as far as the pan! Also POTATOES (rocket), CARROT (early nantes) & LETTUCE (mixed) for mum

I gave a lot of thought to neat neighbour John whilst at the Hill – all that work he put in & all his neat growing crops. His runner beans are halfway up the poles, the brassica are all planted out, the peas are nearly ready for picking & the iceberg lettuce are hearting up nicely.

Whoever takes over the plot will have fallen on their feet & no mistake…should it be us, I wonder…?

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  1. I live in North Queensland, Australia which is bug/grub capital of the world! Two things I'd like; soil wihout stones and NO PESTS!
    Nice blog too.


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