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I'm Hazel, and in Nov 2006 my friend Jane and I took on a half plot at Hill Allotments, Sutton Coldfield - we want the satisfaction of growing and eating our own fruit and veg, and to improve our diet (and fitness!).

This is the story of what happened next...........

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Raised Beds & Ryton

I don’t mind telling you that I am feeling pretty damn smug at the moment – with my most magnificent raised beds!

So after transporting the wood back from Wickes last weekend, I cut the 2” by 1” lengths with the saw into 2’ long battens (with a point on one end to make it easier to drive them into the ground) & a couple of the gravel boards in half, so I had my ‘raised bed kit’ ready for this weekend…

It was bright & cold yesterday, perfect raised-bed making weather, so I went to the Hill with my ‘raised bed kit’ of wood, a jar of screws, cordless screwdriver, lump-hammer, saw & tape measure.

Three hours later – which included chatting to returning-allotmenteer-Chris, & Potager Chrissie (up by cheery Brian & Pauline) – & here is the result.

Fanfare, please!

I am immensely pleased with how this has turned out – so much so, that I went back to Wickes this afternoon & bought another pack of wood & started on bed number 2 (or plot d1, as it should be called). This one is slightly trickier, as I’m working round the brassicas which are already in situ here.

It’s been rather a good day all round, actually. I went to Ryton this morning for their potato day – I had done some homework on which varieties to grow this year, & they were all available there with the exception of one, & I even managed to get some dunluce which John Badger at the bottom recommended, so I’ve picked some up for him too.

There was also a seed swap, & I took some small packs of various beans & peas to contribute. I managed not to come away with too many in return – although I couldn’t resist some squash seeds, lettuce, a climbing bean & some pea beans…

I had a lovely time looking round the gardens too – it was perishing cold last year, so I didn’t hang around – but I did enjoy myself today, & it’ll be worth going back for another look when things are growing later in the year.

Then I got my fingers dirty by popping a few LETTUCE (HSL stoke) & SHALLOT (PW banana) seeds into a couple of pots too, just to make me feel like a gardener again & not a carpenter...


  1. That raised bed certainly looks The Business Hazel.
    I tried Dunluce one year and didn't like it much - I found it a bit fluffy for my taste. However, I gave some to a friend who reckoned it was the best potato he'd had for years!

    Hope you love them too.

  2. Looks awesome ...Far better than my efforts :O) ...


  3. I'll have to see if the Dunluce are to my liking, Flum - as long as they don't disappear through the sieve I'll be happy enough - I find that mash is one of life's pleasures, after all!

    I thought of you, Dinzie, when I was putting the beds in at the weekend - I thought 'I might not have the lovely views, but at least I'm not lugging this lot half way up a mountain!' ;-)

  4. We are well impressewd with your carpentry skills Hazel. Rumour has it that you will be building an Ark shortly is that right?


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