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I'm Hazel, and in Nov 2006 my friend Jane and I took on a half plot at Hill Allotments, Sutton Coldfield - we want the satisfaction of growing and eating our own fruit and veg, and to improve our diet (and fitness!).

This is the story of what happened next...........

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy, busy!

It’s been the most wonderful sunny weekend! We have just passed the Vernal Equinox, which is the day that there is equal daylight & darkness & next weekend the clocks go forward & then it really will feel like we’re getting somewhere!

The construction of the remaining two pea frames was first on the list. This took longer than I thought – especially as I decided that an extra brace would be sensible to stop wobbling later in the year. Belt & braces as it were, ha ha!

The other reason that it took longer than estimated was that I chatted at various points to retired Maureen (getting stuck in with plans for this season); Reg-next-plot (who advised me to feed the plot with blood fish & bone – which I did); briefly to Julie (2nd best plot) & to John Badger from the bottom, who really is still not that well – hope they sort you out soon, JB.

After a quick break in the club house (where one of the Old Boys gave me the most delicious sounding recipe for lemon roasted chicken) it was back for the fun bit of planting out, however time was ticking on so I just planted out the PEAS (hsl ne plus ultra) & the sweet peas on to the second pea frame, & called it a day.

I made a lightning trip to the Hill this morning before other commitments overtook me – partly to take a PARSNIP (white gem) & KALE (Sutherland) home, but also to plant the 2nd early POTATOES (osprey & wilja). Having got a bit carried away with spuds last year, I’m planting slightly fewer, & at more sensible spacings, so I will hopefully not spear quite as many when forking them up at harvest time!

Returning-allotmenteer-Christine came by – she was down for a mooch, & to see JB who was manning the shed this morning. I said for her to help herself to any of the heritage beans that are in the seed swap tin. I saw Lionel by the gate too – he’d got all his saved runner beans spread out on the greenhouse bench, & asked if I’d like some. I turned him down – have far too many beans as it is – & then he looked at me as if I was a bit odd when I said I how lovely bean seeds are to play with!

Cheery Brian & Pauline were planting out onion sets – their plot is looking fabulous – considering they have (by their own admission) hibernated all winter, they are still all ready for spring planting.

I planted out the broad beans – they don’t look quite as I wanted them to, in two double offset rows, more like two single rows planted rather too close together, but I was in a rush, so they will just have to get on with it. I still ran out of time before I could plant out the parsnips – something to start off next weekend with...


  1. You really will have to teach Lionel the gentle art of seed-furtling!

    Still got to get my spuds and broadies in - I hope the weather makes it possible this week.

  2. All looks wonderful - you did all this AND cooked Mother's Day lunch? Wonder woman, that's what you are {giggle}

  3. Lovely day here, Flum, and the wind's dropped, so hope that you've not been blown sideways and have been able to get the spuds and broadies in.

    I'm glad to have planted mine out - although the plot is still overwhelmingly wood and not plants, at least it's redressed the balance a little!

    Mother's day lunch a resounding success, Bilbo - I was rather proud of my yorkies, I must say, although I did cheat with an M&S beef joint!


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