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I'm Hazel, and in Nov 2006 my friend Jane and I took on a half plot at Hill Allotments, Sutton Coldfield - we want the satisfaction of growing and eating our own fruit and veg, and to improve our diet (and fitness!).

This is the story of what happened next...........

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Playing Catch-up

It's February, and already I can see that the days are getting longer - hurrah!

So once the snow melted last weekend, I thought that I'd better check to make sure that the dalek composters would actually fit into the back of the car so that I could get them to the Hill.

With a bit of a squash, they went in, so I left them there until my next visit (which was today) - although a week in the back of the car means that the bases are are now rather on the oval side as opposed to round.  Nothing to worry about, I'm sure.

Once I had the composters sited to my satisfaction, I set about filling them up - I started with a few bags of manure which I have tucked away by the compost bins, and then cut down the asparagus (a well overdue job) and interspersed the prunings, comfrey and weeds.

I dug enough parsnips up to get a batch of parsnip wine on the go, and the last four potato plants - which should have been dug up weeks ago - which yielded half a bucket of golden wonder potatoes which all look in pretty good shape despite the neglect.

Then I limed this year's bean and pea beds, by which time - lighter nights or not - it was dusk and time to come home.


  1. Grr, bl**dy Blogger just lost my comment ... I'm being nosey and wonder if your plot ends at the left-hand dalek? Am sure I could go back to the beginning of your blog and look it up but in truth, its easier to ask you!

    I also have 4 of those daleks and the bottoms are anything except round!

  2. No, it goes further back that that - there are eight long beds of which the left hand dalek is on fifth bed from the front. The (nominally!) green toolshed is the limit of my empire to the left, shed; then following a line along the horrible compost pallet bins towards the right. The bed front right with the raspberries in is at the er .. front right of the plot.

    Clear as mud, I expect!


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