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I'm Hazel, and in Nov 2006 my friend Jane and I took on a half plot at Hill Allotments, Sutton Coldfield - we want the satisfaction of growing and eating our own fruit and veg, and to improve our diet (and fitness!).

This is the story of what happened next...........

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Work

Although it may well be true that the days are getting longer - and goodness me, is that March I see towards the end of the week? - but it ain't half cold still!

We've had a spell of weather for the past couple of weeks which has been dry, not particularly frosty, but with a wind chill factor that puts you in mind of Siberia.  Honestly, no wonder the Russians drink all that vodka - they have to keep warm somehow.

All I did before freezing to the core a couple of weekends ago was dig up a fine couple of parsnips, and this Sunday I didn't hang about long either.  Mind you, I made good use of my time in having a good old tidy up.

I took a huge bag of office shredding to empty into the compost daleks, then filled it up again to take away any broken coloured balls (they sort I use as cane toppers); a couple of split milk containers that have had comfrey tea in them; and miscellaneous litter that I seem to have accumulated on the plot.

I want to dismantle the existing two pallet compost bins which are just a badly constructed hazard and so I  trotted back and forth to the car to load up with three small pallets, a roll of chicken wire which must have walked onto the plot as I didn't damn well put it there and I can do without; ditto a huge sheet or corrugated plastic sheeting which is just in the bloody way.

It's a start, and it made a load ready for the tip, but before I set off up there, I popped into the Clubhouse for a warm up, a swift half and a chat.  We're really lucky to have the clubhouse on site - and not just for the nice loos - the bar sells incredibly well kept beer at fabulously low prices.

Treasurer Mike has recently been encouraging the plot holders to make more use of the Clubhouse - use it or lose it and all that - and pointed out in recent email that only about a third of the plotholders are club members.

I  tapped my membership card smugly at this - I think that it should be compulsory for all plotholders to be members; after all we all have the benefit of the facility.  However, closer examination of my membership card reveals that membership is renewed annually and, on that basis, I have not technically been a member since August 2010.  Ah.

I took a renewal form with me from the clubhouse to fill in and return next weekend with my £13 - it's money well spent.


  1. You're right, membership should be compulsory, although not sure how you implement that other than putting up annual rent to cover the clubhouse fees.

    Comfrey tea: you've reminded me I started a bucket of it last Autumn and it's still festering in a corner of the nursery - strewth it will be stinky by now!

    1. Yes, I'm not sure that we can lump the fees in together - suspect not, but I think that if I was in charge of these things there would be more strong-arming going on (actually, that's probably why I'm not in charge of these things!)

      Also, I'd make the AGM compulsory attendance. Mind you, it's held on a weekday night in November when it's an effort to go out in the cold and dark, perhaps if it was on a summer's Sunday morning, people would be more inclined to be there!

      BTW your comfrey is the only thing showing new growth at the mo!


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