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I'm Hazel, and in Nov 2006 my friend Jane and I took on a half plot at Hill Allotments, Sutton Coldfield - we want the satisfaction of growing and eating our own fruit and veg, and to improve our diet (and fitness!).

This is the story of what happened next...........

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Will they or won't they...?

I’m full of anticipation today as although I’ve not been over to the Hill today – Christmas mince pies and sherry to good to miss – I plan to wander over tomorrow morning with one aim – to pick BRUSSELS SPROUTS for the Christmas dinner!

It will, of course, be a bit of a swizz, because we’ve inherited the plants, but I’m claiming them as Our Produce, nonetheless.

The last time I had a good look at the sprouts, the leaves had been nibbled, they probably could have done with staking, had a dose of whitefly and the sprouts themselves looked more like Birds Eye petit pois, but I do have high hopes of them making it to the Christmas table.

And if – despite my enthusiasm – they are a disappointment, there’s still time to nip to Tesco…

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