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I'm Hazel, and in Nov 2006 my friend Jane and I took on a half plot at Hill Allotments, Sutton Coldfield - we want the satisfaction of growing and eating our own fruit and veg, and to improve our diet (and fitness!).

This is the story of what happened next...........

Friday, July 10, 2009

Comfrey Update!

I've been meaning to post about the three comfrey root cuttings that Bilbo kindly sent me a couple of weeks ago - not only have they survived the royal mail (not least due to excellent packaging) but also the potting on.

They looked bloody awful for about a week, but then new leaves started growing, and they look fabulous now.

Well done, plants, and thank you again, Bilbo!


  1. Oh wow - you really have done a brilliant job with them! It was so flippin' difficult to get much root when I dug them up I was convinced they would die, but they are definitely flourishing under your tender care {smile}

  2. Hazel darling, you really should get a twitter feed for your allotment.

    Seriously though good read and useful updates.

  3. They look better every day, Bilbo - I'm keeping them in the shade which I think they will prefer, and not too much food. They await planting out when I've rejigged the top end - I suspect further construction (and possibly re-construcion) is afoot over winter...

    Don't talk newfangled to me, mister {grin} - have only just got the grasp of what blogger has to offer! If I don't blog when I've done something, I have to scratch my head to think what was when, and entries turn into a bit of a slog (oi! who said 'what do you mean turn into...?)

  4. I think partial shade is right Hazel. At Bag End they are growing in the Coppice area which is sheltered by trees and they are certainly thriving. You'll have to let me know if you want more.


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