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I'm Hazel, and in Nov 2006 my friend Jane and I took on a half plot at Hill Allotments, Sutton Coldfield - we want the satisfaction of growing and eating our own fruit and veg, and to improve our diet (and fitness!).

This is the story of what happened next...........

Friday, July 24, 2009


I won’t post a pic of the bite/sting that I picked up on my wrist on Wednesday evening at the Hill, despite it being pretty impressive in an alarming itchy-swelling-of-the-extremities kinda way.

This morning it was still very hot & swollen, & at work I debated on a visit to the GP for antibiotics – breathless comments of ‘well, I read that there’s those spiders in the tropics can lay eggs under the skin & they eat feed on your flesh & the maggots burst out & kill you,” from my esteemed colleague did not do down well, I can tell you.

I nipped to see the pharmacist who was not much more use. Browsing, I took a tube of antihistamine cream ‘for bites & stings’ & a tube of hydrocortisone steroid cream ‘for bites & stings’ to the counter & proffered the offending wrist, & asked which was the more appropriate treatment.

“Well, you could use this one, which contains antihistamine, or this one which is a hydrocortisone steroid”, said the lady behind the counter, unhelpfully.

“Yeeeees, so which one would you recommend,” I asked.

“Well you could use either, really.”

Clearly they are two totally different treatments, but the deadlock was broken when I asked which was the cheapest & I now have a £3.22 tube of antihistamine cream – not that it appears to have actually made a difference to the bite/sting.

Later this evening – & with a plaster on the bite, I took mum to the Hill – she commiserated with me about losing the tomatoes & potatoes, but perked up immediately when she was let loose picking some FRENCH BEANS (emperor of Russia) & some sweet peas.

As we were picking these, John Badger (from the bottom) rolled up & gave me some good advice with regard to the biggest pumpkin competition – stopping the plants to prevent more pumpkins forming, & a feeding regime.

We managed to get away as cheery Brian & Pauline arrived, bringing with them the promise of wine to christen their new benches by their Small Shed – just as soon as we get a summer to enjoy…


  1. I get bitten by mozzies all the time! Apparently eating marmite is supposed to keep them away! Not sure if that works or not!

  2. I thought you smeared the marmite on so they got their feet stuck! (Love marmite!)

    I don't get bitten much and if I do I rarely react. Himself says I must taste nasty!

    Picked my first Cherokee beans yesterday - high summer!

  3. Ouch indeed!

    Do you have any hay-fever tablets? If so, take one and see if it helps, if not, a quick trip to Tesco to buy some is in order. I wouldn't be without antihistamine tablets for all sorts of things, bites, nervous rash and, of course, hay-fever :-)
    Hope it clears up very soon.

  4. Ouch, poor baby. Have you got a tube of tea tree cream? I know it's not meant for bites but I find it works wonders.

  5. Ha! Love marmite too, Matron - any excuse to eat more!

    I can just see me smeared in the stuff at the Hill {grin} - I get enough odd looks as it is, thank you! I'm rarely troubled with bites - perhaps I taste nasty too?

    I normally have a tube of antihistamine in the cupboard, but a recent clear out of out-of-date stuff means I hadn't got any in. I hadn't thought of tablets, but it does make sense - although I don't think that I've ever had a nervous rash...

    It's an antiseptic, I think, tea tree oil/cream? Again, not something I have in the cupboard, but I do like the idea of an item doing many jobs - less stuff to buy!


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